The Dangers of Crystal Meth: Crystal Methamphetamine Causes the Most Disturbing Side Effects

More stimulating than cocaine, crystal meth addiction is increasing.

Slowly becoming as popular as cocaine, crystal methamphetamine is one of the most stimulating drugs on the illicit market. Crystal meth is more stimulating than cocaine, and it brings with it more severe consequences. For those people who have succumbed to the crystal meth addiction, they suffer from numerous side effects in multiple organs including what is called “meth psychosis” which leaves the meth addict with delusions of grandeur.

Crystal Meth Effects on the Brain

Crystal meth is reportedly one of the longer euphoric highs from all the illicit drugs. Methamphetamine gives the drug addict a sudden feeling of wellness and happiness for six to twelve hours. Unfortunately, this feeling is not attainable with initial levels of crystal meth, so the drug addict needs to increase the dosage continually to get high.

The reason for the euphoric effects of crystal meth is its increased levels of dopamine release in the brain. Normal exercise and activity gives the human brain 100 to 200 more units of dopamine. In comparison, use of crystal meth gives the human brain up to 1,200 units of dopamine release giving the drug addict the most euphoric feeling of any other drug including cocaine. Unfortunately, after long term use, crystal meth destroys the dopamine release transmitters in the brain, so increased degradation of judgment and motor coordination is seen that is similar to Parkinson ’s disease.

Prolonged crystal methamphetamine use switches the euphoric feeling to psychosis and violent behaviors that leaves the drug addict in harm of himself and others. Crystal meth causes the drug addict’s brain to release epinephrine, or adrenaline, which is the body’s “fight or flight” hormone. The release is detrimental for the health of the drug addict and the people with whom he comes into contact.

Visible Side Effects of Crystal Meth

The signs in Las Vegas of the “Faces of Meth” victims are only too true for those who have been through the devastating effects of crystal meth. Crystal meth lowers the drug addict’s appetite which leaves his body looking worn. The sunken cheeks of a crystal meth addict are indicative of the poor diet from the drug. Crystal meth keeps drug addicts awake for days, and they feel no desire to eat. The poor diet takes a direct toll on their skin, hair, and especially the teeth.

The common “meth mouth” is because crystal methamphetamine lowers the secretion of the saliva in the mouth. The decreased amounts of saliva allow the acidic components in the mouth to chew away the crystal meth addict’s enamel in his teeth which causes them to rot and decay.

Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction

If you believe your loved one is addicted to crystal meth, it’s imperative that you help him seek treatment. Crystal meth addiction is a serious disease that can cause numerous, irreparable side effects that need medical attention. Additionally, there is a psychological addiction that crystal meth addicts need to face, so they need the help of a psychologist to assist them.

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